Mayan Apocalypse Special

Fuck the four horsemen, this apocalypse we bring you - John Maloof! John is currently in full production on the documentary Finding Vivian Maier (produced by Jeff Garlin and Charlie Siskel - oh hai), and is almost ready to roll out his impossibly awesome series Schwim Schwam Show.

Highest priority: watch Tiny Carpet Samples!.

And now, "The Most Boring Apocalypse Ever":

You may have noticed (and been crying yourself to sleep nightly) over the fact that Astro Space Party has not been posting lately. Let your panic be assuaged - we'll debut episodes of Space Station TV in early 2013, as well as more predictive videos and other projects.

The world has yet to end.



9.11.12 Predictions by Ian Ferguson

This week - Ian Ferguson! Gather 'round the spirituals and cess out with Ian at a solo show gallery walkthrough (skip to 10:40). Once you see this gold brick eater's work, you will stop feeding your gerblers and stop paying the AT&T to compulsively buy his paintings of herms stealing hershey's kisses, while barbequing lake birds and avoiding the shadow government. This is just the right time to acquaint yourself with hydEON and BARO Records since Ian is (drum roll) one of the featured artists of the month at Chicago Artists Month - yay!

Astro Space Party loves this video from Ian since it feels like warping around inside one of his illustrations. Wait... was the bike ride imagined, or was the talk with that dude?



8.21.12 Predictions by Ben Fain

This week - Ben Fain!

Astro Space Party is one of Ben's biggest fans. His body of work is a steadfast and diligent expression of a remarkably vast, fully realized internal landscape that positions viewers on a tense brink between intimacy and elusiveness. Ben reminds us - in the most haunting of ways - that the venn diagram never merges full circle, and he does so with virtually any materials whatsoever. If you haven't already seen the trailer for his upcoming feature film The Doors of Life, you're about to see how Ben always leaves you wanting more. Check out his upcoming projects, and a big congrats from Astro Space Party on his wedding to the lovely Carrie Schneider <3.

Ben considers this video a collaborative effort with artists you may recognize as your friendly Harold Arts associates:

Voiceover 1:

Billy Conner

Voiceover 2 (and script):
Joe Jeffers

Voiceover 3:
Conrad Freiburg
Jacob Kart

Frank Van Duerm & Joe Jeffers

Additional camera work (and spirit quest):
Jacob Kart

Special thanks:
Harold Arts
Conrad Freiburg
Frank Pollard

Thanks all for this one!

In other news, please support the completion of Conrad Freiburg's Woodshed - an 11-sided acoustical sculpture that functions as both a musicians' practice space and celestial observatory. Installed at Harold Arts (where else?).



8.14.12 Predictions by Derek Chan

This week - Derek Chan! Derek is an intrepid spiritual explorer, so we're thrilled he stopped vision questing for a minute to drop by and astro space party with us. His remarkable body of work weaves through glyphs, native peoples, cultural myths, movement and ritualism on quick, canny feet. Astro Space Party loved his recent show All Our Relations at Carrie Secrist, and is a big fan of his MCA 12x12 A Way of Life (transcendent AND cheeky).

Derek was just awarded the Gift of Time, so is about to begin his Roswell Artist-in-Residency. Yes - he'll be living in a gigantic house and working in the desert with UFOs flying overhead (congrats Derek!).

Do you realize this soundtrack was made by Fatgums and Gammaray? Because it was. Extra points if you ever had the OHHSSH!! mixtape.

Oh shi-!



Brett Sova and Jeremiah Chiu for Mercury Retrograde  

Holy shit - Mercury is in retrograde. Take a break from watching your life crumble before your eyes, and watch this video collaboration from Brett Sova and Jeremiah Chiu instead.

The concept and music are Brett's. Have you ever seen this man jam? Formerly of Chandeliers (you can hear him on their new album Founding Fathers), Brett performs as AXIS:SOVA and his debut LP Weight Of A Color comes out next month via Kill Shaman Records. Yay! Get it.

Jeremiah has astro space partied before, so if you want to know what his deal is, you can check out all the awesome stuff I already wrote about him. He'll also be touring soon with Icy Demons and has been performing around town as Deep Sleep.

In other ASP news, you might have noticed that we've branched out into IRL programming. We're currently hosting Astro Space Camp at Harold Arts, and are preparing for the online debut of Space Station TV, which was recorded live throughout the month of May at Version 12.

Your regularly scheduled predictive videos will return once Mercury turns direct in August, with a video from Derek Chan.


Until then, don't take the bath salts.



Astro Space Camp at Harold Arts

Come astro space party with me and all the Zoltars at Harold Arts this July!

Astro Space Camp: July 25th - July 30th

Astro Space Camp invites practitioners of all disciplines to participate in a short term session for the production of time-based media. Built upon furthering various concepts of transcendence explored by the virtual gallery Astro Space Party, Astro Space Camp offers artists the opportunity to brainstorm and collaborate upon multi-faceted works that may require a higher volume of ongoing participation and support to realize. Devised for both on-site creation and long term planning of larger scale pieces, the session aims to mobilize complex projects from a perspective informed by cinematic and post-institutional approaches to fine art production.

Register Here