Your future.  Foretold by artists.

Astro Space Party curates one video horoscope each week.   All videos are made by working artists and musicians, exclusively for Astro Space Party.   Videos are posted on Tuesdays, and cover all twelve signs of the zodiac.

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Astro Space Party's curator says...

"Astro Space Party invites artists and musicians to create videos for a hyper-real environment in psychic space.   Implications of totality, the unknowable, existence, and non-existence in space-time intersect with notions of futile and powerful spirituality, characterized by the absurdist nature of predictions experienced in the present.   With a nod to the historical role of the artist as paradoxical prophet, Astro Space Party both celebrates and satirizes the auguries of art, while identifying contexts of works within a landscape of decentralized hegemonic simulacrum."