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8.5.11 Predictions by Frank Pollard, Andy Slater and Gregory Jacobsen

This week's predictions come from artist Frank Pollard, in collaboration with Andy Slater and Gregory Jacobsen, featuring Samantha Acosta.

Frank Pollard
Frank Pollard - Vimeo 

Andy Slater - Soundcloud
Andy Slater - Free Music Archive

Gregory Jacobsen
Gregory Jacobsen - Soundcloud

Welcome to the party.

To skip directly to your sign, watch it on Vimeo.

Astro Space Party aims for 100% accuracy with each future forecast. We invite you to comment on your levels of synchronicity. Next week's predictions are coming from musician Michael Perkins of Mr 666.

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Reader Comments (1)

This is great. And the girl in the video is beautiful as well.

August 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSharaya Brooks Miracle

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