Brett Sova and Jeremiah Chiu for Mercury Retrograde  
Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at 11:49AM
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Holy shit - Mercury is in retrograde. Take a break from watching your life crumble before your eyes, and watch this video collaboration from Brett Sova and Jeremiah Chiu instead.

The concept and music are Brett's. Have you ever seen this man jam? Formerly of Chandeliers (you can hear him on their new album Founding Fathers), Brett performs as AXIS:SOVA and his debut LP Weight Of A Color comes out next month via Kill Shaman Records. Yay! Get it.

Jeremiah has astro space partied before, so if you want to know what his deal is, you can check out all the awesome stuff I already wrote about him. He'll also be touring soon with Icy Demons and has been performing around town as Deep Sleep.

In other ASP news, you might have noticed that we've branched out into IRL programming. We're currently hosting Astro Space Camp at Harold Arts, and are preparing for the online debut of Space Station TV, which was recorded live throughout the month of May at Version 12.

Your regularly scheduled predictive videos will return once Mercury turns direct in August, with a video from Derek Chan.


Until then, don't take the bath salts.


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