8.14.12 Predictions by Derek Chan
Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 12:22PM
[Your Name Here]
This week - Derek Chan! Derek is an intrepid spiritual explorer, so we're thrilled he stopped vision questing for a minute to drop by and astro space party with us. His remarkable body of work weaves through glyphs, native peoples, cultural myths, movement and ritualism on quick, canny feet. Astro Space Party loved his recent show All Our Relations at Carrie Secrist, and is a big fan of his MCA 12x12 A Way of Life (transcendent AND cheeky).

Derek was just awarded the Gift of Time, so is about to begin his Roswell Artist-in-Residency. Yes - he'll be living in a gigantic house and working in the desert with UFOs flying overhead (congrats Derek!).

Do you realize this soundtrack was made by Fatgums and Gammaray? Because it was. Extra points if you ever had the OHHSSH!! mixtape.

Oh shi-!


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