8.21.12 Predictions by Ben Fain
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 4:23PM
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This week - Ben Fain!

Astro Space Party is one of Ben's biggest fans. His body of work is a steadfast and diligent expression of a remarkably vast, fully realized internal landscape that positions viewers on a tense brink between intimacy and elusiveness. Ben reminds us - in the most haunting of ways - that the venn diagram never merges full circle, and he does so with virtually any materials whatsoever. If you haven't already seen the trailer for his upcoming feature film The Doors of Life, you're about to see how Ben always leaves you wanting more. Check out his upcoming projects, and a big congrats from Astro Space Party on his wedding to the lovely Carrie Schneider <3.

Ben considers this video a collaborative effort with artists you may recognize as your friendly Harold Arts associates:

Voiceover 1:

Billy Conner

Voiceover 2 (and script):
Joe Jeffers

Voiceover 3:
Conrad Freiburg
Jacob Kart

Frank Van Duerm & Joe Jeffers

Additional camera work (and spirit quest):
Jacob Kart

Special thanks:
Harold Arts
Conrad Freiburg
Frank Pollard

Thanks all for this one!

In other news, please support the completion of Conrad Freiburg's Woodshed - an 11-sided acoustical sculpture that functions as both a musicians' practice space and celestial observatory. Installed at Harold Arts (where else?).


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