9.11.12 Predictions by Ian Ferguson
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 3:07PM
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This week - Ian Ferguson! Gather 'round the spirituals and cess out with Ian at a solo show gallery walkthrough (skip to 10:40). Once you see this gold brick eater's work, you will stop feeding your gerblers and stop paying the AT&T to compulsively buy his paintings of herms stealing hershey's kisses, while barbequing lake birds and avoiding the shadow government. This is just the right time to acquaint yourself with hydEON and BARO Records since Ian is (drum roll) one of the featured artists of the month at Chicago Artists Month - yay!

Astro Space Party loves this video from Ian since it feels like warping around inside one of his illustrations. Wait... was the bike ride imagined, or was the talk with that dude?


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