3.20.12 Predictions by Kirsten Leenaars

It's an exciting week here at Astro Space Party, as we are proud to present a collaborative video by Kirsten Leenaars - hooray! Kirsten is a true impresario, transforming and synthesizing collected narratives into smart, pervasive works that transcend distinctions between media disciplines with such voracious abandon, we're left wondering what has ever kept us contained. Kirsten recently turned the MCA into a thirteen episode interactive soap opera (yes - really) for a project called On Our Way to Tomorrow, curated by Tricia Van Eck.

Kirsten made this week's video with her TA Kendall Babl and their Core, Spring 2012, SAIC students:

Aileen Ng, Ali Gutowski, Alejandra Ramirez, Camille Laut, Jae Oh, James Lee, Jemma Hyung, Kennedy Jones, Pil Jae Choi, Siyu Xu,
and Zaine Smart.

Many thanks to all the artists involved! I hear the making was a real astro space party ♥.



3.13.12 Predictions by Emily Kuehn

Emily Kuehn has been making cheeky new media about new media long before it was cheeky to make cheeky new media ( redirects to her portfolio site). Once you're done being mesmerized by her Occupy gifs, emerge from the deep trance and check out her videos. Astro Space Party highly recommends The Magic Eye and Divine Inspiration, 2006, with an honorable mention for The Hidden Cove: Olympic Bid 2016, 2009. If you agree that Emily is the coolest, and want to stalk her in hopes that she'll sign your tits, you can find her teaching at SAIC and Columbia.



3.6.12 Predictions by Robert Reinard

This week - the astrology of Jeremy Piven from Bob Reinard. Astro Space Party loves an artist with a sense of humor, since they're usually harboring works of free associative genius such as Once I Told my Boss that I Had to Quit so I Could Sue Someone ("that's totally what that looks like"), You live in L.A quit bitching about having to eat Spielberg's garbage., and The Stupid Things People Say.



Predictions for WO 2.28.12 with Cole Pierce

This week at Astro Space Party - Cole Pierce! Jason Foumberg put it best when he talked about "wormholes" in Cole's work in Modern Painters magazine. With Pierce, everything is an unexpected warp to an alternate level you never expected to find yourself in. If you're not already following his sound art and music blog Field Mic, get on it, it's awesome.



In the Astro Space Mailbox - Audio from Zeke Phoenixx

Astro Space Party received a surprise track of audio predictions in the mail today entitled "astrospacepartay VIP fauxpazz" from artist Zeke Phoenixx (aka Andrew Pace).

Maybe it's a sign?

Thanks Zeke!