2.21.12 Predictions by Lauren Dudko

This week's predictions come from LA-based artist Lauren Dudko. Her portfolio site is currently offline as she's updating it, so just let that add to the mysteriousness here this week at Astro Space Party.

We can tell you this - she's finishing up her MFA at SFAI, and her work is f*cking awesome.

Astro Space Party will let you know when her site is back up.



2.14.12 Predictions by Mollie McKinley

This Valentine's Day we have a video from artist Mollie McKinley. Astro Space Party loves Mollie's work, so consider this week's programming Astro Space Party's subtle way of saying it loves you. Mollie is also Co-Director and Curator of The Artists Statement Picture Show, a new video and film program. Her work will be on view at the 2012 Brucennial opening in NYC on February 29th at 159 Bleecker Street. Stop by the show and let Mollie know if these predictions were accurate. She won't mind either way, because they were written by Leon Dische Becker.

Leon is a contributing writer for The Daily Beast and Der Spiegel. Check out his online magazine the Monday Weekly.



1.7.12 Predictions by Jason Ajemian

This week at Astro Space Party - Jason Ajemian brings the smokeless heat in the run up to V-day. This man's music is truly inimitable, and you can get that digital right here. Astro Space Party also highly recommends you check out the commercials for his band the Highlife.

Jason requested that this video be posted with a PARENTAL ADVISORY. To be fair, there is a brief flash of partial nudity, but that's nothing new here at Astro Space Party.

The Astro Space Curator has never actually considered the possibility of attracting an underage audience. Kids - those zoltar machines are not toys.



1.31.12 Predictions by Bill Talsma

Bill Talsma has quite the body of work up his sleeve, and has collaborated extensively on large scale international performances with the art collective Lucky Pierre.

People like his work so much they've had sex on it - literally. His Porn Set installation was created for a show in '99 called Sex Party, and was authenticated with an industry shoot the day before the opening. Yes, this man has "made it".

His video for this week is a prediction for all signs of the zodiac.

Be sure to repost with his Certificate of Duplication.



On Vacation

Thanks for stopping by! Astro Space Party is taking a little vacation, and will be back in action on Tuesday, January 31st. We're *very* excited about how the 2012 programming is shaping up. See you back here on the 31st.

While we're gone - watch the old videos that you haven't seen yet.



1.10.12 Predictions by Jessie Mott and Pamela Bannos

This week's video is a collaboration between artists Jessie Mott and Pamela Bannos. Mott wrote the dialogue and took recordings of the voices, while Bannos created the video and its soundtrack. If you like this, you will ♥ Jessie's video "Everybody", and want to eat every one of her paintings.

Check out more of Pamela's amazing body of work at her portfolio website. And if you can scrape together some (mad) coin, study with her at Northwestern University, so she can take you outside and show you what it's like.

Starring - Buddy Bannos! :)

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