Yearly Predictions for 2012 by Tim Kinsella

Tim Kinsella makes a lot of music and just published a novel. As a creator of many contexts, Astro Space Party asked him to enter Astro Space and let us know what the fuck is up with 2012. Tim wrote predictions that he delivered from the edge of consciousness (literally - he read them as he was waking up).

Further reading.

Love you, buddies :)


12.27.11 Predictions by Colin Leipelt

We're wrapping up the year here at Astro Space Party with a video from Colin Leipelt. The French have a word for Colin's work: "abrutissant", which translates literally to "soul-destroying".

This video was pre-screened December 1 - 3rd at Verge Miami Beach during Art Basel, and was also projected onto the facade of the Greenview Hotel during the show.

Next week we'll be posting the 2012 yearly predictions, so watch out for that big boy.

Much love :)


12.20.11 Predictions by Conrad Freiburg

Step inside The Pod of Absence as Conrad Freiburg predicts your future. By exposing corners of the universe, Conrad has created a new one altogether.

Be sure to give his music a listen. You'll be amazed by what this man can do with a ukelele.

And if you have something peculiar, mail it to him.



12.13.11 Predictions by Theodore Darst

Theodore Darst is the best and he's really expensive. You probably have a future in paying him to do shit.

In other news, Astro Space Party had a great time in Miami! Here's a pic of Frank Pollard's inaugural Astro Space Party video projected onto a building across the street from Art Basel.



12.6.11 Predictions by Xina Xurner and Pooper

This week Astro Space Party presents "Astromancer Jr." from Xina Xurner and Pooper. Press play to start the party!

Astro Space Party's producer just got back from a very long weekend of Astro Space Partying in Miami so she'll write more in this post later, after she locates her spleen and puts it back in her pants, or something.



Miami Art Week 2011 Predictions by Sarah Weis

This week's predictions come from longtime collaborators Sarah Weis and Arturo Cubacub of i^3 Hypermedia.  Astro Space Party recommends their video S T R E T C H, but only if you're prepared to have that song stuck in your head for the rest of your life.

Guess what? We're in Miami! Showing at Verge Art Miami Beach.  So come to the opening and talk to Sarah while the song from S T R E T C H repeats itself on an uncontrollable loop in your brain.

Astro Space Party will be previewing its upcoming season of videos, so you can see the future EVEN FURTHER in advance.

Hope to see you there.